Trackers from hell!

You'll need that money later.

Many a person has ignored the humble MABIS, and turned their sights to AVA, YONO, TEMPDROP, AND WINK.

Also known as the Four Trackers of the Apocalypse. They cost from 100-200 dollars. They promise to give you MORE FERTILE DAYS, but let's face it, scattering the boning, hither and tither, is free. And smart.

MABIS, HER MAJESTY MOST AFFORDABLE, costs 5, maybe 10 bucks in Canada

These products prey on your fears, hopes, dreams, and promise something that not even Mabis can promise. That this will all be okay, and fun, and not stressful. Then you'll get a baby.

Why skip trackers?

Consider your decision! MABIS will be here when you seek penance!

But I really want to try one!

Honestly, it's your money, but the math just doesn't make sense. When you hit a year, your doctor is gonna say "Oh, you should be taking 600 mcg CoQ10 everyday! Also some for your sperm-maker!" and then you're going to go to Costco, and look at those two giant bottles, ensconced in plastic, mummified together like you and your partner were before all of this fertility nonsense, and then you're going to look at the price tag and be like "What no, that's so much! Not compared to how much IVF is going to set me back, BUT STILL!" and then you're going to go to Walgreens, just in case, and yup it's still pretty pricey there and then you're think "man I thought that MABIS cult was crazy but now I can see they were right about trackers".

Yup. That's how it's gonna go down.


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Disclaimer: This is a silly website made for silly people who are tracking their basal body temperature to try to conceive. We highly recommend fertility friend's courses as a free, online resource to learn more about this nifty stuff. We don't actually care what thermometer you use.