How you show your love for MABIS...

The Temp Commandments

You will take your temperature first thing upon waking.

You will take your temperature at the same time, within about an hour.

You will continue to sleep in occasionally. MABIS is kind.

You will get up to pee. MABIS doesn't want you to pee the bed.

You will wait for the beep.

Take it orally. Or vaginally. But wait until the end of a cycle to switch.

Record your temperature in the morning. Or whenever, just record it.

Note the time you took your temp.

Note any stress, illness, travel, moving, etc.

You'll suddenly recognize how poorly you sleep, and probably try to change it. MABIS applauds you.


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Disclaimer: This is a silly website made for silly people who are tracking their basal body temperature to try to conceive. We highly recommend fertility friend's courses as a free, online resource to learn more about this nifty stuff. We don't actually care what thermometer you use.