... unless we wake up to pee at a bad time.
Or we're currently menstruating.
Or if you don't feel like it.

Who is Mabis?

Our lady MABIS! In the beginning (Cycle 1), DH and I decided we would NTNP, and would just BD when we felt like it. Our LO would be along shortly - it's not like I was coming off BCP. I thought TTC was for those who can't relax, or old people!

Mabis smiled, for her gentle way is not to judge or beep at those who have not found her shelter.

But AF came, and I wondered - perhaps BBT could give me insight to when I O? Maybe my LP was too short? It could be our timing was all off?

Drugstores may carry pink thermometers, but they are no MABIS!

I temped with other thermometers, but my charts were like the rocky mountains. FF withheld my crosshairs, and I blamed myself. I was doing it wrong. I wasn't getting enough sleep. I was breathing through my mouth.

But I found her! She was delivered unto me with free shipping.

Sure, I'm not pregnant, but, my charts look nicer.

Have you ever asked yourself...

MABIS may be right for you.

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Disclaimer: This is a silly website made for silly people who are tracking their basal body temperature to try to conceive. We highly recommend fertility friend's courses as a free, online resource to learn more about this nifty stuff. We don't actually care what thermometer you use.

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