Join us in cleaning our bathtubs!

Bathtubs of Hope

As we all know, beloved MABIS made pregnant women in her image - incapacle of cleaning bathtubs.

BATHTUBS OF HOPE is about maybe someday being incapable of cleaning your bathtub, so maybe you should clean it today.

Or, maybe it's about doing some physical labor, and working out the frustration of not being able to get pregnant.

It's definitely about having a bath in a nice clean bathtub after, because you could really use one. Not that you stink, it's just that this whole thing is stressful, even when you walk with MABIS.

If you don't have a bathtub, pick something else:

Your shower, oven, fridge, may fit the bill nicely!

What if I'm not feeling very hopeful?

That's okay. BATHTUBS OF HOPE isn't actually about feeling hopeful. It's about what you can do when you don't feel hopeful - you can take care of yourself by looking after your immediate enviroment, and giving yourself a nice place to have a hot bath. We all need time to stew, and feel frustrated from time to time, and what better way to work through it with a bit of scrubbing?


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